Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Educate Yourself and Others

If you are looking to educate yourself or resources for conversation, feel free to look here. 
This list is a work in progress. We plan to continue to add resources. Let us know if these are helpful and if there are any we should add. 

Identity Development Models
Link takes you to a variety of identity development models

Evolving Language of Diversity
Article includes a fact sheet that presents a way of thinking about language. In the words of the author,  "We choose to use words that convey sensitivity and understanding not because we want to be "correct"but because how we use words affects people - their concept of themselves and members of their group and the ability to create and maintain authentic relationships across difference."

Implicit Association Tests (IAT)
Identifies thoughts, feelings and preferences outside of conscious awareness and control. Tests include: Disability IAT, Race IAT, Skin Tone IAT, Race IAT, Religion IAT, Asian American IAT, Sexuality IAT, Native American IAT

Understanding Race:  Are We So Different  (A Project of the American Anthropological Association)      

An on-line magazine that provides news, resources and commentary on the role of diversity in strengthening the corporate bottom line.

Teaching Tolerance
A place for educators to find thought-provoking news, conversation and support for those who care about diversity, equal opportunity and respect for differences in schools.

Hate Crime Laws and Data From ADL and FBI, 1997-2015

14 Resources to Support Our Special Needs Community as Researched by a parent

Movies about race and racism and other aspects of identity:
What's Race Got To Do With It
Dark Girls
Vincent Who?
Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom
12 Years a Slave
Bringing Down the House 
Guess Who
Real Women Have Curves
On the Outs
Hidden Figures
Freedom Writers
Killing Us Softly 4
Tough Guise 2



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