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Anytown/Camp CommUNITY 30 Year Reunion


30 Year Reunion 
Anytown, TX/Camp CommUNITY
1982 to 2011
August 14, 2011 at Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

 Unwritten     Peanut Butter Jelly Time

What would you tell the next generation of Delegates?

Embrace every moment. Don't waste a minute. Open yourself and
your thoughts to each experience throughout the week. When you hear "once in
a lifetime experience..." Believe it!!

Keep the "vision" alive - Jimmie Nealey

Don't let what others think ruin the knowledge you get from your
camp experience. Encourage others to make an effort in realizing and
appreciating different cultures. WE'RE ALL (unique) HUMANS!

Don't hold back. Get into the spirit fast and savor each moment.
It goes by fast and you're sad when it's over. - Marvin Blum

Get to know everybody and make the most of every moment -
including circle sing... such an amazing time to learn about people
different from yourself :-)

Take full advantage of this time to make connections...to
yourself, to your heritage, to your community and to each other. The
friendships you make will enhance the rest of your life!

Enjoy every moment of your Delegate experience...and don't be
selfish and keep all that knowledge to yourself. - Q
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Top Circle Sing Songs
1: Lean on Me
2: Unwritten
3:Tie -  Firework & I Will Remember You

An awesome group of people - The Anytown, TX and Camp CommUNITY keeps growing!

more reunion pictures

The 30 Year Reunion is one of the events celebrating the 60 years of MCA. 
Video showed at reunion - Camp CommUNITY and MCA Impact 

Anytown, TX/Camp CommUNITY group pictures through the years

Thank you to the Reunion Committee, program presenters, and to  Fort Worth Museum of Science and History for graciously hosting the reunion.




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