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Who Can Apply?
Area high school students who will be entering their junior and senior year in the fall 2015 or graduating seniors in spring 2015.  
Applicants are recommended by high school officials, sponsoring agencies or youth advisors.
Download 2015 Delegate Application

Camp CommUNITY is held at the Collin County Adventure Camp
in Anna, Texas.

Camp CommUNITY begins Monday morning June 29 and concludes the afternoon Friday July 3, 2015.

The cost of Camp CommUNITY is $300, which includes round-trip transportation on a chartered bus, three meals a day, evening snack, lodging, a 24-hour registered nurse, workshop materials, t-shirt, and more memories than you can imagine.

Send your completed application ASAP or before May 1. 
When all spots are filled, students will be placed on a waitlist and notified, if spots are available. Please include the $25 non-refundable registration fee payable to the Multicultural Alliance (which will be applied to the $300 camp tuition).

When do I find out?
Applicants applying before May 1, will be notified before May 15.
Once accepted to Camp CommUNITY, further information will be sent in June to prepare for the camp experience.



Financial Aid
Partial scholarships are available to Delegates. However, Delegates are encouraged to earn as much of the camp cost as possible.

Camp CommUNITY Staff
The dedicated volunteer staff includes college-aged Counselors, adult Advisors and Co-Directors.
The Counselors, many of whom are past Delegates, provide guidance and live with the Delegates in cabins. The Advisors facilitate activities and the Co-Directors manage the overall camp. The entire staff is trained and attentive. Many of the staff members return year after year (some taking personal vacation time) to make this experience possible. 

If you are interested in being a member of Camp CommUNITY leadership please contact MCA. 

What Do I Bring?

Packing List:

  • Shorts and jeans/pants
  • Pajamas
  • Underclothing
  • T-shirts/shirts
  • Shoes (socks if needed)
  • Bedding 
    • Twin fitted sheet and flat sheet
    • Sleeping bag or blanket 
    • Pillow and pillow case
  • Soap, toiletries
  • Towels and washcloths
  • If needed - Medicine - Bring enough medication for the entire duration of Camp CommUNITY. The medical personnel will collect and handle all medicine and distribute it throughout the duration of camp. Please keep medicine in the original packaging/bottle that identifies the prescribing physician (if prescription drug), the name of the medication, the dosage, and the frequency of administration. Please place all medications in a large Ziploc bag and place your name on the bag with permanent marker. If there are any special instructions please write them on a piece of paper and place inside Ziploc bag.

 Other recommended items:

  • Cultural item (clothing, music, instrument, picture, etc.)
  • Small item to demonstrate your talent for the talent show
  • Light jacket/sweatshirt (Some of the rooms can be chilly)
  • Bathing suit and cover-up/T-shirt
  • Flashlight (w/batteries if needed)
  • Pen, pencil, stationary, stamps
  • Camera 
  • Music 
  • Notebook
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen, hat
  • Musical instrument

      Other Prep for Camp (if possible):

      • Learn about your name (origin, meaning, significance, how you got it, etc.)
      • "Research" (have a conversation with your family; community members; read books; look online, etc.)  to learn more about your cultural heritage and the contributions of your culture/heritage to the United States. The Library of Congress has information about the history of immigration for some heritage groups. 

      Cell Phones and Unplugged Weekend:

      One major aspect of Camp CommUNITY is face to face conversation; hence we promote an "unplugged" week. We encourage cell phones to be left at home and will provide families with the camp phone number and the MCA Program Director's cell phone and email. However, if a cell phone provides ease of mind, please know during most of camp, Delegates will be asked to put phones away and there will be designated time for cell phone use. If cell phones become disruptive, they may be collected. 


      Kids at Camp CommUNITY


      If you still have questions about Camp CommUNITY, or you or someone you know is interested in attending, please do not hesitate to contact us by email.



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