Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Multicultural Alliance Annual Awards Dinner

66th MCA Annual Awards Dinner

Thursday, April 20, 2017
Fort Worth Club
6:30 p.m.

Dr. M. Basheer Ahmed and Mr. Robert Fernandez

As a board certified psychiatrist, Dr. Basheer Ahmed offers his medical expertise beyond the usual boundaries to unite communities. In 1995, when Muslim refugees from Bosnia arrived, there were no social service organizations to assist with the issues confronting Muslim refugees and immigrants. Basheer convened 35 community leaders representing interfaith religious establishments, healthcare institutions, corporate entities and nonprofit organizations. As a result, the Muslim Community Center for Human Services (MCC) was established. Today, MCC provides medical and social services to patients irrespective of race, religion or country of origin. 

In 1963 the Fernandez family fled Cuba and arrived in Miami. The First Congregational Church sponsored
Robert Fernandez and his family's relocation to Fort Worth. Arriving as a six-year old, Robert recognized the generosity of the church members and was profoundly impacted. He made a childhood vow that if possible, he wanted to be the person who made the difference in someone's life. Within these five decades, the breadth and depth of his community and civic involvement is unparalleled. He has played a major role in over 60 organizations and nonprofit boards, affirming his commitment to make a meaningful difference. 

ifetime Achievement:
Mrs. Joan Kline

The community contributions and life interests of Joan Kline are wide and varied. She is a business woman, education specialist, radiological technologist, community activist, and parent of nine children. Seeking a safe street and playground was her first initiative that parlayed her community service to over 50 boards and organizations. Caring for all children is her passion. Her desire is that each person lived in a community that is inclusive and welcoming. 

Dinner Chairs:
Ms. Rosa Navejar and Dr. Asra Khan

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The funds raised through this dinner support valuable programming which provide opportunities for people to discuss and share experiences of diverse cultural, racial, religious, and economic concern.  We work to address inequity and the negative consequences of prejudice and discrimination throughout our region by providing educational programming and bringing people together for shared experiences. We strive to create harmonious relationships and build sustainable, inclusive communities.


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