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December 2021 Virtual Workshop

Exploring Our Inner Narratives to Promote 
Inclusive Storytelling and Dialogues


Saturday, December 11, 2021

Time / Duration:
9 - 11:30 am CST / 2.5 hours (via Zoom)

To connect to each other authentically, we must be comfortable with sharing our own stories and understanding the dimensions of our identity more deeply. 


In this session, we will explore what stories we we tell ourselves about our lives, learn how to hold space for ourselves and others, and understand how we can craft new fuller narratives using The Moth StorySLAM method. 


For this workshop, we welcome Jennifer Mason, an integrative life and wellness coach in Texas, and Myxolydia Tyler, actor and program coordinator at The Lincoln Center in NYC, to lead participants in mindfulness, creative journaling  and performative

Art Forms:
-  Performing (Body & Breath Awareness / Storytelling)
-  Literary (Non-fiction Writing / Creative Journaling)

Limited Spots Available

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