Camp CommUNITY®
June 27 - July 1, 2021

Camp CommUNITY is a five-day, sleep away camp designed to educate participants to be responsible leaders and social change advocates in our diverse community. At Camp CommUNITY, high school students of various backgrounds, identities, beliefs, and experiences, gain heighten awareness, appreciation and understanding and build meaningful friendships. Camp activities include heritage night, talent show, dance, pizza night, cabin groups, family groups, and much more! 

25 + 13 = CommUNITY*

In summer 2021,  we shifted from an in-person camp for high school students to a 5 session virtual program for camp alumni and leadership.

Attention Camp Alumni 
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* 25 years of Camp Anytown
13 years of Camp CommUNITY


If you ask any Camp CommUNITY alum to list their top ten life changing experiences.  Camp CommUNITY would be on the list."

The first day we were strangers, the second day we were friends, the third day we were
best friends, and now we're FAMILY!"

Camp CommUNITY empowered me to know the reasons why I am, who I am, and why I
must always fight for what I want and make the best of the world I live in."