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Camp CommUNITY 2024 Volunteer Application


Thank you for your interest in serving on the Camp CommUNITY Leadership Team. The Leadership Team plays a crucial role in the overall success of the camp experience. It is because of the talents of the Leadership Team that Delegates are able to bond and grow. In building an inclusive community, the responsibility of all staff members is to commit to giving each member of Camp CommUNITY the best experience possible. With the experiential nature of Camp CommUNITY, we expect staff members to be leaders, and model and exhibit the highest level of behavior which aligns with the goals of Camp CommUNITY and the Multicultural Alliance. For all us of, the main goal is to empower Delegates to become advocates for inclusion and social change in their communities and strive to respect, understand, and celebrate diversity.  


  • Complete application

    • Including background check form, a copy of photo I.D. and names and two references​

  • Attend and complete all staff training sessions​

    • Staff orientation, Sunday onsite before camp (2024: June 23) and online training​

  • Remain the entire duration of Camp CommUNITY (2024: June 24 - June 28)​

  • Be a role model

  • Meet deadlines

  • The ability to celebrate the unique qualities and differences in all individuals

  • An understanding and practice of teamwork

  • A sense of responsibility and passion for inclusion, belonging and social change

  • Have the ability to give and receive positive and constructive feedback

  • Strong communication skills including the ability to dialogue


Desired requirements:

  • Recruit for Camp CommUNITY

  • Participant in follow-up programming

  • Speak to groups and organizations about Camp CommUNITY and your experience as a member of the Leadership Team

For questions, please contact: Paul Jung, 817-733-9311,


Online application and background check form below.

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