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The Multicultural Alliance is pleased to offer the Speakers Bureau, a network of professional staff, board members, and volunteers who are knowledgeable to speak on issues related to building and bridging inclusive communities.

Our Speakers Bureau presenters are often asked to share their personal stories and experiences.  They can also customize talks to the specific need of the requesting group. The purpose of the Speakers Bureau is to provide educational and informative talks to the community on a variety of topics related to diversity, and provide presentations that have the ability to create a climate of understanding and respect for our differences.

In addition to the Speakers Bureau, Multicultural Alliance staff present workshops and speak on a variety of topics related to diversity, dialogue, interfaith, and social justice.


Myers Briggs 
Setting the Foundation for Dialogue
Oppression 101
LGBT Awareness
Race, Racism and White Privilege
Barnga: A Simulation Game
Board Diversity

All you ever wanted to know about MCA

And much more!!

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