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Statement from MCA Board

We are a nation, state and community that is filled with pain and anger.


As Board members of the Multicultural Alliance, we stand against racism. We stand against everyday racism on an individual, institutional, and systemic level.


We mourn the horrific murders of George Floyd and many other individuals who have been unjustly killed – even one is too many. As we grieve and respond in various ways, we want to acknowledge all who are struggling. 


We join with communities and organizations across the world who demand justice and an end to racism. As Board members, we unequivocally take seriously that all individuals must be treated with dignity, respect, and humanity. 


As an organization, we have a longstanding commitment to building inclusive communities, working toward eliminating bias, bigotry and oppression, and promoting understanding and equity. We do this through bringing people together for brave conversations. Oftentimes these conversations move participants to personal action. The Multicultural Alliance will continue to work toward building stronger and more inclusive communities. We know we have work to do. Please join us.


We will very soon announce upcoming opportunities and programming that address racism. 


The Board of Directors of the Multicultural Alliance.


Asra Khan, PhD - Presiding Chair

Jackie Bzostek, Chair - Elect

M. Sameer Ahmed

Rick Baumeister
Marvin E. Blum
Fernando Costa
Kim Cummings
Jennifer de Haro
Kelly Decker

Kelly Hein

JoAnn Jensen

Karen Telschow Johnson

Paul Jung

Philip Lamsens

Shahzad Mahmud
Helen McPherson

Farah Memon

Rosa Navejar

Mo Peracha
Ayesha Shafi
Chintan Shah
Gina Smith
Mary Hallman Smith

Vern Spurlock
Jeff Whitfield
La Tonya Woodson, PhD

Cheryl Kimberling, PhD, President

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