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Camp CommUNITY® Housing

Housing Options

When people consider attending a sleep-away camp, one question often is: “Where will I sleep?” Delegates (what we call attendees) at Camp CommUNITY live in cabins with up to 10 students and 1-2 camp leaders.

Cabins have air-conditioning and electricity. Each cabin has two-single stall bathrooms as well as two-single showers which include a changing area. Delegates sleep in bunk beds with mattresses. Delegates are asked to bring sheets and blanket/sleeping bag. A full list of items to pack is sent closer to the start of camp.


Cabin Groupings

When we create cabin groupings, we look to set Delegates up for a successful time at camp. At Camp CommUNITY, we hope everyone takes the time to meet new people and grow. Therefore, we try not place students who know each other well in the same cabin. If circumstances require people who know one another well to stay in the same cabin, please state this on the application.

Gender and Cabin Groups

At Camp CommUNITY, we affirm our Delegates and staff of all identities: this means we work to affirm everyone for who they are when it comes to family background, racial identity, religious beliefs, gender identity, sexual orientation and more. To affirm and support our Delegates, we offer three types of cabins: A female cabin, a male cabin, and a gender-expansive cabin.

We are proud to be a camp for students of all genders, where Delegates are free to make platonic friendships regardless of gender. At the same time, we value the opportunity for gender-affirming spaces for people with shared gender identity. Our counselors are well-positioned to be role models and provide guidance to Delegates who are developing their identities. Being with others experiencing similar challenges and joys can be an important factor in youth development. 

We house Delegates based on gender identity and/or prior conversation between Delegate, Delegate family and MCA Staff, if desired. On the application, we are asking you to select which cabin you would prefer your Delegate to be housed in during the week of Camp CommUNITY. If your Delegate is interested in being in a gender-expansive cabin this summer, please indicate this preference on your application. This cabin option is open to all who are interested. Even if your Delegate does not identify as gender-expansive but feel this cabin would be a good place for them, feel free to select the gender-expansive cabin.


It has always been and still is okay to be yourself at Camp CommUNUITY, whether or not we end up having a gender-inclusive cabin at camp this summer. As always, we are happy to speak with parents or Delegates about any concerns. You can reach to us at 817-733-9311 or

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