The Multicultural Alliance® and its programming represent all types of diversity including but not limited to race, ethnicity, age, ability/disability, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. Our goal is to promote an inclusive community, eliminate bias, bigotry, and oppression and encourage understanding and equity of all diversity through shared experiences and educational programming.

The Multicultural Alliance® provides programming and educational forums that address the opportunities and challenges of living in a pluralistic society. The organization promotes understanding and respect among all races, religions, and cultures through advocacy, conflict resolution, and education. In affirmation of the founding principles, the organization exists to promote individual and group dignity, cooperation, mutual understanding, and respect among all peoples.


Asra Khan, Chair
Jackie Bzostek, Chair - Elect

M. Sameer Ahmed

Rick Baumeister
Marvin E. Blum
Fernando Costa
Kim Cummings
Jennifer de Haro

Jeanelle Davis

Kelly Hein

JoAnn Jensen

Karen Telschow Johnson

Paul Jung

Jennifer Baggs Kamacioglu

Shahzad Mahmud
Helen McPherson

Farah Memon

Sheeza Mohsin

Mo Peracha
Ayesha Shafi
Gina Smith
Mary Hallman Smith

Vern Spurlock
Jeff Whitfield



Thirty years as an educator in higher education in our community, Dr. Kimberling brings a unique match of talents and abilities to the Multicultural Alliance. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, she completed undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Memphis. In 1976 she moved to Fort Worth to attend Southwestern Seminary and upon her graduation from seminary, her professional experiences began as Professor of Sociology at Tarrant County College and then as the Executive Director of the TCC Foundation. She has held administrative positions at Texas Wesleyan University School of Law and The University of Texas at Arlington.


Additionally, she holds an adjunct faculty position at Texas Christian University in the sociology department. In August 2006, she retired from the University of North Texas Health Science Center as Vice President to become the President of the Multicultural Alliance. 

Dr. Kimberling is a frequent speaker on diversity and inclusion, and interfaith understanding and collaboration.

Among her myriad responsibilities at the Multicultural Alliance, Adena Cytron-Walker coordinates Camp CommUNITY;  co-facilitates intergroup dialogues; holds workshops on a wide range of diversity issues and develops curriculum. She is a member of the 2017-2018 Leadership ISD cohort; FWISD Race and Equity Committee and Peace Together. Additionally, she manages Destination Imagination teams and teaches Hebrew to second graders.

Adena is the co-author of Intergroup Dialogue in Higher Education: Meaningful Learning about Social Justice. Originally from the east coast, she moved to Tarrant County in 2006. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan and an M.Ed. in Social Justice Education from the University of Massachusetts.

Ayesha Ganguly -  People's Art Collaborative Coordinator

Ayesha found her passion for community service in her early college days and pursues it professionally with a deep sense of commitment. She has assumed various roles as a volunteer, social entrepreneur, consultant, employee, and community leader spanning over a decade of experience. She partners with the Multicultural Alliance through her Window to Your World work. 

Ayesha has a Bachelors degree is Psychology and completed her first year of Masters Program in Political Science from the University of Mumbai, India before co-founding Phase Five, a social enterprise offering capacity building programs for youth so they could apply their skills by participating in local government and the community. She continued her academic and professional development with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of Indian and a Certificate Program in Non-Profit Leadership from Rice University in Houston.

Cheryl Gray Kimberling, PhD  President

Adena Cytron-Walker, MEd
Vice President of Programs

Ayesha Ganguly

People's Art

Collaborative Coordinator


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